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Our History

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At the beginning of the sixties of the last century, when most European countries were coming out of the economic recession caused by the Second World War and Spain was opening up to tourism, Antonio Moll Sureda, who until then had dedicated himself to agriculture, started his

activity as a tourist entrepreneur.


His mother donated a small piece of land to him in Font de Sa Cala and it was there that he provided a place so that the first tourists who visited Capdepera could set up their tents, near the sea. Before, he had studied the campsite that already existed in Porto Petro and its owner, Miguel Verger, had shown him the facilities that would serve as a model for his future business. 


Little by little, Antonio was providing the Camping with facilities that would allow a more comfortable instance for his clients and their families. First some bathrooms and showers, then a small dining room and the first rooms of the establishment. Over time, he bought the neighboring land and built small buildings and sports facilities that have always been a singularity of the establishment. From the beginning, he focused the business on family tourism, which has been his main clientele, and to which he provided animation inspired by the origins of Club Med. 


Antonio Moll Sureda married Margarita Massanet Servera in Capdepera in December 1963, and with her help he grew the Camping until it became what was then known as the Vacation City. The modernization of the facilities and the substitution of the initial buildings for others that were adapted to the quality demands that the new hotel industry forced, led to what is now the Hotel Beach Club Font de Sa Cala as we know it today. . 

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